Anniversary Cards

Anniversary cards are especially important greeting cards because they commemorate an important occasion worth celebrating for the remainder of one’s life. They are usually given to a person or couple exactly one year from their wedding and each year afterwards. There are also special anniversary categories that are designated for each anniversary from the first through the 25th. After that date, which is the Silver Anniversary, categories are commemorated each five years. The 50th anniversary is a very big celebration that is entitled the Gold Anniversary. Anniversary cards are often specialized for the first anniversary, as well as for the 25th and 50th anniversaries. Cards for these special years often refer to the number of years that the couple has been married.

There are other occasions when these cards are given as well. Businesses sometimes use these cards to mark the anniversary of when they began their business. They may also give employees anniversary cards to thank workers for their service to the company. Any event that is important to a person or group can celebrate the anniversary of the date when the event began.

Anniversary CardsThere are numerous anniversary cards sold in discount stores and stationery stores. Cards are usually arranged into rows with subcategories, such as birthday cards, sympathy cards, and those for anniversaries. Cards are sold with matching envelopes that can be addressed and mailed to the person’s or couple’s house in time for the special occasion. When a card is premade and sold in one of these stores, the buyer must accept whatever design is on the outside of the card as well as the message inside. Sometimes a person likes the verse on the card, but they would rather have a different front for their greeting.

The advancement of technology has enabled many online websites to offer anniversary cards for sale that can be customized to fit the customer’s needs. Some websites allow the customer to choose the front of the card and then fill in their own personal greeting. These are e-cards that are sent to a friend’s or relative’s email address just in time for the special anniversary. Many of these cards are free, but there are websites with e-cards for a fee. Other online websites sell actual paper cards that are mailed to the customer after the card is designed and customized. Often, the website sends you the first draft of the card after it has been completed for your approval, and if it is what you want, they will then mail the card to you. Many of these websites sell large quantities of greeting cards to businesses rather than to individuals. Those who want to buy one anniversary card and print it out can do this at several websites. First, the front cover of the card is chosen, and then an interior greeting is chosen. It is also possible to customize cards before printing them out. Artwork or photos can be added to the card. Then, a paper copy of the card can be given to a spouse, friend, or family member. The card can also be posted on Facebook by the website as a surprise to the receiver.

Anyone who has every forgotten their wedding anniversary has probably had a very upset spouse Anniversaries are a sacred time to many couples who unofficially recommit themselves to their marriage each year on their anniversary. By forgetting the date, the other spouse often feels as if the marriage is not important to their spouse, or worse yet, that their spouse no longer loves them. On the positive side, when a husband or wife sends a very special, personalized anniversary card to their spouse, the underlying message is one of caring and thankfulness.